Interior Design Services
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Interior Design Services

“Design is about how you live in it, not just how it looks.”

HOME at Vernon Manor is the interior design home of Kathy Bittner, who has been creating home and business interiors for families and homeowners in the area since, well, quite a while.

She and her select staff of designers offer clients a uniquely personal and home-centered approach to interior design.

In Her Own Words

Your style?
“I don’t think in terms of a ‘style’ at all. I start from the people I’m designing for, and for how they live. What’s livable, comfortable, and practical. What would make them love to be in that room, that house?”

Your process?
“I know every interior designer says this, but I try to get to know the people first, who they are, what they’re about, what moves them. It’s not quite as much about the dimensions of the room, or the ‘style’ of the house. But who’s living there, and what their lives are like.”

Your goals?
“My ideal is when a client sees the finished space and says, “Oh, that is us!” They’re delighted to live there day to day, and proud to invite guests. Oh, and it still looks good in five years.”

Some Telling Facts

She has, more than once, worked for two generations of the same family. She designs for the parents, then as the children move out on their own, they also call on Kathy to design their studio apartments, their homes.

A client once had her design an entire vacation home, as a ‘surprise’ gift for his wife. He didn’t ask to see any samples, sketches, or swatches. “I just trusted her to know what would work, what would delight my wife. And Kathy did precisely that.”

A client who had worked with her for years wanted to refer her to a friend who had just moved into town. She didn’t actually know Kathy’s last name. “She had always been just ‘Kathy’ to us. ‘Kathy’ who did all our rooms.”